Workshop on Social Media Management

Social media, devices and tech are no longer just guests at the table that is education. Now, more than ever, protecting staff and learners in a boundary-less world is confusing and often complicated by teachers and pupils wanting protection, but defying its requirements, too.

This confusing landscape is defined by the enduring question: “Is this my role as an educator or school leader or the parents’ role as parents?’ The varied answers to this question in a myriad of circumstances has increasingly become the cause of both conflict and confusion. This, in turn, detracts from learning and leaves room for error and impulsivity.

Educators may not be able to discern easily where their disciplinary, legal and supportive roles in relation to technology begin or end. They may wonder:

  • Are we responsible for discipline in relation to device use and misuse only when misdemeanours occur on school grounds or are we responsible for the school brand when learners ‘act out’ off campus?
  • What is the law and how applicable is it when it comes to sexting, bullying, downloading pornography, both on and off campus?
  • More importantly, what is our role as real 21st Century educators in relation to the digital space?
  • How do we replicate the boundaries of school life in an online context?
  • How do we retain talent, protect the school brand and uphold the school value system while allowing online education and engagement to run its course?
  • Most significantly, how can we support teachers, parents and learners alike to manage this tricky territory with clarity, skill, as well as legal and psychological support?

This workshop offers answers and practical hands-on solution-based approaches to the complex world of learners and the new love of their lives: devices.

This course aims to equip delegates with:

  • A comprehensive understanding of the legal, psychological, reputational and disciplinary risks posed by irresponsible social media use by school stakeholders
  • Best practice on how to deal with social media fall-outs on a legal, psycho-social and practical level; and
  • A clear understanding of how to mitigate these risks across the school ecosystem.

Facilitators: Sarah Hoffman (social media lawyer) and Pam Tudin (clinical psychologist), co-founders of Klikd.

Duration: 2.5 hours (usually 14:00 – 16:30)

Online Cost: R725 per delegate (excluding VAT).

In-person cost: currently not available.

Please note that this online event is a multi-school event.

For more information, please contact the ISASA Professional Development Department at

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