LURITS and Information Management Systems

The Learner Unit Record Information and Tracking System (LURITS) aims to collect unit record data for each learner in South Africa, from grade R through to Grade 12. The system also tracks the movement of each learner from school to school, even inter-provincial movements of learners can be traced. Each learner is to eventually be assigned with a unique learner tracking number which remains with the learner throughout their schooling. Individual educator records are also housed on LURITS.

The LURITS system is dependent on receiving data from computerised school administration systems as the source for the unit record data of educators and learners. It is planned that Schools that do not have electronic school administration tools should be assisted to capture on LURITS using the LURITS capturing functionality.

SA-SAMS (South African School Administration and Management System) is made available to all schools free of charge, giving equal access to a computerized administration system compatible with LURITS.

Several other software systems are also compatible with LURITS. The attached document provides a list of LURITS Accredited Software Systems (LASS) vendors as at November 2013.

LURITS System Vendors
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