Dealing with Harassment in Schools

School management are required to ensure that all school employees are fairly and equitably treated, and in particular, that any form of harassment in relation to their employment is avoided. All employees have the right to be treated with dignity and to enjoy reasonable levels of personal safety and security at the workplace, and in relation to their employment.

This policy and procedure is applicable to all persons employed by the School or associated with it, but is intended to address adult-on-adult harassment.

While the principles hereof apply equally to the handling of harassment of learners, the ISASA Code of Conduct: Protecting the Rights of Children as Learners is directly applicable to School learners, dealing specifically with adult employee / learner harassment. Please refer to this policy when considering employee / learner harassment.

ISASA member schools are not required to make use of this policy; it is provided by way of example. As a Pro Forma (standardised draft) document, this policy should also be appropriately and properly customised by the user to suit their requirements.

Dealing with Harassment
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