Workshop on Advanced-level Effective School Marketing in a Digital World

This new Advanced-level workshop was developed to meet the demand from participants of our highly-successful workshop, the introductory-level Effective School Marketing in a Digital World, to provide further training. It is therefore a requirement for attendance of the advanced course that the first workshop has been completed, and you are invited to contact the ISASA office for assistance in this regard.

The focus of the Advanced-level workshop is practical, hands-on guidance in three key areas that have come up repeatedly in the school marketing sessions held to date. These are:

  • Digital advertising using social media (especially Facebook and Instagram)
  • Digital admissions and lead nurturing
  • Digital communications for retention and brand-building

Each of these areas are covered step-by-step, with examples and practical exercises which are based on school marketing case studies. By the end of the workshop, you will feel more comfortable with creating your own targeted online ads, better understand how to convert enquiries into enrolments, and be able to proactively manage the flow of information via the informal and formal channels in your school.

In order to meet the objectives of the workshop as a practical session with tangible outcomes, there are some specific requirements that attendees will need to ensure are in place ahead of the event in order to ensure that the session is optimally useful. More information will follow upon registration.

The workshop is suitable for the entire marketing/ advancement team of a school, who should ideally attend the same session, rather than sending only one representative. This would include admissions, marketing, communications, alumni and development/ fundraising. It may also be useful for senior school leadership and Heads of schools, due to the strategic significance of the marketing effort. While the practical aspects are not the responsibility of all in the team, everyone’s input will be valuable for best results and buy-in.

Please note that only staff members of ISASA schools are eligible to attend ISASA workshops. All external providers, including consultants, are not permitted to attend.

This workshop is available in-person and online.

  • Facilitator: Keryn House, a strategic marketer with extensive experience in the independent school sector.
  • Cost Online: R750 per delegate (excluding Value Added Tax)
  • In-person cost: R1 365 per delegate (excluding Value Added Tax)

To request a bespoke, single-school professional development event for the marketing team of your school, contact the ISASA Professional Development Department at

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