SAMRO and Music Rights in South Africa

The South African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO) administers the copyright and royalties of composers, authors and publishers that are its members. SAMRO licenses individuals and businesses that use music for business or commercial purposes. From the revenue collected from the licences, SAMRO deducts its administration costs and then distributes the balance to SAMRO members as royalties.

SAMRO does provide discounts to schools depending on the type and size of school. Requests for discounts are currently considered on a case-by-case basis

ISASA, through the National Alliance of Independent Schools Association (NAISA), is negotiating with SAMRO to enter into an umbrella agreement that may provide greater discount than is currently available to independent schools. Should NAISA and SAMRO enter into an umbrella agreement, schools will be advised of the negotiated discount agreement once it has been reached with SAMRO.

Download the ISASA memo for additional information:

SAMRO and Music Rights
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