Code of Conduct and Employment Manual

As part of its Employee Relations Manual, ISASA provides a pro forma Code of Conduct for school employees as well as an Employment Manual that can be distributed to staff.

The Code of Conduct can be used as a policy attachment to a school employee’s contract of employment. The Code reflects the more critical general standards of conduct expected of all school employees, as well as more specific conduct expectations applicable to educators. The Employment Manual is intended to be used as a generic, informational document for employees, containing further details in respect of certain policies, practices, procedures and rules. It could be attached to the employment contract and form part of the induction process.

ISASA member schools are not required to make use of this code or manual; they are provided by way of example. As Pro Forma (standardised draft) policy documents, they should also be appropriately and properly customised by the user to suit their requirements.

Employment Manual
Code of Conduct for Staff

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