Incremental Introduction of African Languages

The Incremental Introduction of African Languages (IIAL) is a priority programme aimed at facilitating social cohesion. Since linguistic inclusiveness is espoused in the South African Constitution and the National Development Plan, IIAL is intended to promote and develop South Africa’s previously marginalised African languages in schools.

The following are key features of IIAL:

  • It forms part of the DBE’s mandate to develop and promote previously marginalised official African languages, as enshrined in the Constitution and other legislative frameworks.
  • All schools are required to introduce and implement the teaching of a previously marginalised indigenous official African Language at a Second Additional Language level.
  • It aims to increase access to official African languages by all learners beyond English and Afrikaans.
  • It seeks to redress past linguistic imbalances; ensuring parity of esteem amongst all eleven South African official languages.

The ISASA Policy Unit has prepared a November 2021 update memorandum on IIAL, which is available for download below. Our earlier memorandum is also available for download.

African Languages Nov 2021
African Languages Feb 2017

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