OISESA and Quality Assurance of Independent Schools

The Office of Independent Schools Evaluations Southern Africa (OISESA) was established in May 2022, when the Board appointed Margot Long as the inaugural Executive Director. Under Margot’s leadership, with her deep commitment to independence with accountability, OISESA is proving to be an intellectually rigorous and innovative quality assurer of independent schools in Southern Africa.

OISESA believes that all schools can improve and should constantly seek ways of strengthening their educational programme. The quality assurance process promotes strategic thinking and encourages adaptability – vital for independent schools as they navigate the changing landscape of education in Southern Africa.

Research also shows that for any change to be effective, it needs to come from within. The self-study process encourages schools to examine the relevance of their mission and values by using the Standards & Indicators to ask important educational questions and review their current practice.

Working through a process of critical reflection and self-evaluation enables schools to affirm and celebrate their strengths and identify areas of vulnerability. Participation in the process also demonstrates the school’s willingness to be held professionally accountable and enhances the school’s credibility with its stakeholders and the wider community.

During September and October 2022, a Pilot Programme was conducted in a diverse range of 55 ISASA member schools across Southern Africa, and the excellent feedback from this process enabled several worthwhile programme revisions. During the course of 2023, OISESA will complete over 150 schools visits.

Visit the newly published OISESA website for more information. Copies of the Standards & Indicators, as well the guidelines for schools are available to download from the Resources section.

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