Exclusion of Learners

Exclusions from an independent school fall into the two broad areas of:

  • Exclusion on grounds of contravention of the rules contained in the school’s Code of Conduct.
  • Exclusion on the grounds that the contract between the parents and the school has been broken, usually because the parents have failed to pay fees.

Exclusion for contravening school rules

An independent school has the right to exclude learners who are in contravention of the rules as long as the school adheres to the principle of procedurally fair practice or conduct.

Exclusion for non-payment of fees

Exclusion for non-payment of fees can be a complex issue, as there has to be a balance between the right of the child to receive education and the right of the school to receive payment for services rendered. The ISASA policy department has drawn up a short document on this issue for member schools, which is available for download below.

Exclusion for Non-Payment
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