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ISASA Positions Vacant Service

Please note the following information regarding the Positions Vacant service on the ISASA website:

  • ISASA advertises vacancies on behalf of member schools. ISASA does not employ any school staff.
  • Only ISASA member schools may place positions vacant advertisements on our website.
  • Anyone may apply for vacancies listed on the ISASA website. You do not need to be a member or have a website account.
  • Applications should be made to the contact details provided in the advertisement. Please do not send applications to ISASA.
  • ISASA is a services organisation for schools and regrettably we do not have the resources to manage a database of persons seeking employment. We therefore cannot accept CVs directly from job seekers.
  • We unfortunately do not know when a specific vacancy in a specific location will be available. This is entirely dependent on the advertisements we receive from schools.
  • The best way to keep up-to-date with recent positions vacant is to follow @ISASAjobs on Twitter.

If you would like to place your CV with a recruitment agency that specialises in the education sector, we recommend contacting The Teacher Network:

Contact: Mary Stuart at TTN@TeacherNetwork.co.za

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