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Establishing a New School

The South African Constitution permits anyone to establish, at his or her own expense, private educational institutions. These institutions may not discriminate on the basis of race and must offer education of a quality not inferior to comparable public schools.

All independent schools must also be registered with their provincial department of education and comply with the department’s conditions for registration.

It is difficult to draw up a set of prescriptive steps for establishing a new school as these steps depend to a large extent on the type of school that is being set up. However, ISASA has developed a short document that outlines the broad steps in the process of establishing a school.

Perhaps most importantly, the document advises to begin with the end in mind. You are not building a school to meet present needs only. You are, hopefully, building a school that will last over 100 years. Think about the big picture. What do you envisage the school looking like when it is completely developed?

Establishing a New School