Crisis Management Resource File

ISASA’s Crisis Management Policy Resource File has been prepared for heads, teachers, support staff, and other individuals involved in emergency and disaster preparedness at school.
Its purposes are to assist schools in:

  • assessing risks and planning and carrying out compliance, protection and response measures
  • developing disaster and emergency plans specific to their needs and reflecting good practices internationally and nationally, and
  • developing skills and provisions in-school for disaster and emergency preparedness, response, and rapid recovery.

This set of resources follows the very useful Disaster Management Guidelines, commissioned by SAHISA in 2007 for ISASA member schools and intended to serve as a reference document for Heads to assist them in dealing with disaster incidents within the school.

With the many new policies introduced by government since 2007 and the subsequent work done by ISASA on assisting schools to keep up to date with new policy regulations, it was necessary to update and broaden the scope of this document and both associations agreed to rather produce a Resource File which would include an outline of what schools should have in place and references to the many excellent crisis or disaster management documents available online or through local schools and other organisations.

Crisis Management Resource File

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