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Performance Management in Schools: A Toolkit

ISASA and its Affinity group, the Southern Africa Independent Schools Human Resource Association (SAISHRA) have for some time been receiving requests from schools for guidance in introducing a performance management process within their school.

This toolkit is an attempt to assist schools to begin the process of formulating a system that will work for their school. It needs to be understood that there is not a ‘one size, fits all’ approach to performance management and it is important for your school leadership team to determine the system and process that will work for your school.

This toolkit will provide you with some food for thought and key questions you will need to answer before launching your system. We have also provided you with a few examples of templates that can be used as a starting point. These will need to be tailored to your specific needs.

The toolkit aims to support and supplement the Performance Management workshop offered by ISASA. In this workshop you will be given the opportunity to work on practical examples of how to formulate tools and templates you can use back at your school.

For schools that do not have a dedicated people management resource, it would be advisable to make use of the network of Human Resource (HR) professionals in SAISHRA and also Corporate Members / preferred suppliers of ISASA who can assist and advise you on this journey.

Performance Management Toolkit
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