Managing Conflict with Key Stakeholders in Independent Schools

This online workshop takes place over 2 half-days (3.5 hours per day). The workshop has been developed and is facilitated by Conflict Dynamics – the same internationally recognised training provider who designed ISASA’s existing and highly successful two-day workshop on conflict management skills for the independent schooling environment.

This workshop aims to provide staff within schools with insight as well as key skills required for handling interpersonal conflict with both internal stakeholders (for example, colleagues, superiors and subordinates) and external stakeholders (in particular, parents of students). The workshop will enable participants to recognize, interpret and effectively respond to, deal with and work through various forms of interpersonal conflict. There is a particular focus on practical techniques for dealing with and responding to “difficult” people and situations.

The workshop aims to achieve the following broad outcomes:

  • Identify the reason for, and nature of, a difficult interaction and choose an appropriate strategy for responding in order to diffuse the conflict;
  • Identify various conflict handling styles (including one’s own and that of others) and respond appropriately to the style exhibited;
  • Seek to understand the underlying needs and interests of the parties to the conflict (self and other/s) in order to find a mutually beneficial resolution, as far as is possible in the circumstances.

Experienced facilitators from Conflict Dynamics will address how to respond to real day-to-day challenges and work through highly relevant practical scenarios with delegates to develop their skills in responding to conflictual situations and handling difficult conversations in an effective manner.

Duration: 2 days, 13:30 – 17:00 on each day.

Cost: R795 per delegate (excluding VAT).

Facilitator: Dr Angela du Plessis of Conflict Dynamics.

Please contact the ISASA Professional Development Department for more information.

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