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Workshop Booking

Please locate the workshop you would like to attend on the list below. You can filter workshops by name and region. Click on the name of the workshop for a full description of the workshop contents and costs.

Once you have selected a workshop, click on the “book” link (or “confirmed” link) to access the relevant booking page. Only logged-in ISASA members with booking accounts may book for workshops. If you are an ISASA member school and do not have a website login, or a booking account, please email the professional development department at ISASA.

Please note that we invoice directly after each workshop and that full billing applies once the RSVP deadline has expired.

Please whitelist the email address in order to prevent workshop notifications from ending up in your junk mail folder.

Start DateEnd DateWorkshop NameRegionVenueBook
10/05/202110/05/2021POPIA Part 1AllOnline04/05/2021Book
10/06/202110/06/2021POPIA Part 3AllOnline03/06/2021Book
28/05/202128/05/2021POPIA Part 2AllOnline24/05/2021Book
07/06/202107/06/2021POPIA Part 3ALLOnline01/06/2021Full
02/06/202102/06/2021POPIA Part 3ALLOnline26/05/2021Full
20/05/202120/05/2021POPIA Part 2ALLOnline13/05/2021Full
11/05/202111/05/2021POPIA Part 2ALLOnline05/05/2021Full
26/07/202127/07/2021Media Relations & Crises CommunicationALLOnline20/07/2021Book
14/07/202115/07/2021Effective Marketing During Covid TimesALLOnline08/07/2021Book
07/07/202108/07/2021Managing Conflict with Key Stakeholders in Independent SchoolsALLOnline01/07/2021Book
18/08/202118/08/2021School GovernanceALLOnline12/08/2021Book
01/06/202101/06/2021School GovernanceALLOnline26/05/2021Book
19/08/202119/08/2021'Why Are People So Upset?' - Anti 'ISM'ALLOnline12/08/2021Book
27/05/202127/05/2021'Why Are People So Upset?' - Anti 'ISM'ALLOnline20/05/2021Book
06/05/202106/05/2021POPIA Part 1ALLOnline27/04/2021Full
29/04/202129/04/2021POPIA Part 3ALLOnline22/04/2021Book
21/04/202121/04/2021POPIA Part 3ALLOnline15/04/2021Full
15/04/202115/04/2021POPIA Part 3ALLOnline08/04/2021Book
Only 1 place left
31/03/202131/03/2021POPIA Part 2ALLOnline25/03/2021Completed
26/03/202126/03/2021POPIA Part 2ALLOnline22/03/2021Completed
12/03/202112/03/2021POPIA Part 2ALLOnline08/03/2021Completed
15/03/202115/03/2021POPIA Part 3ALLOnline09/03/2021Completed
03/03/202103/03/2021POPIA Part 2ALLOnline02/02/2021Completed
01/04/202101/04/2021'Why Are People So Upset?' - Anti 'ISM'ALLOnline26/03/2021Cancelled
07/04/202108/04/2021Transformation & DiversityALLOnline31/03/2021Completed
17/05/202118/05/2021Managing Conflict with Key Stakeholders in Independent SchoolsALLOnline11/05/2021Book
13/04/202113/04/2021School GovernanceALLOnline07/04/2021Book
24/03/202125/03/2021Media Relations & Crises CommunicationALLOnline18/03/2021Completed
17/03/202118/03/2021Effective Marketing During Covid TimesALLOnline11/03/2021Completed
02/03/202102/03/2021POPIA Part 1ALLOnline24/02/2021Completed

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  • North East: Mpumalanga, Swaziland, Mozambique, Mauritius
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