The Consumer Protection and National Credit Acts

ISASA has compiled a memorandum outlining the likely effects of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) and National Credit Act (NCA) on independent schools. The memorandum covers the following issues:

  • Discounts for Advance Payments of Fees (NCA)
  • Interest on Fees Paid in advance (CPA)
  • Periodic Fees as “Lending” (NCA)
  • The Right to Privacy (CPA)
  • Deposits – Refundable and non-Refundable (CPA)
  • Indemnities under the CPA
  • Termination – Reasons and Notice Periods (CPA)
  • The Right to Choose (CPA)
  • Overbooking (CPA)
  • Right to Quality Service (CPA)
  • No Fault Liability for Goods and Services (CPA)

Please also see our specific memo on the Consumer Protection Act and Enrolment Contracts.

NCA and CPA Overview