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Smoking in Schools

There is an increasing recognition of the need to restrict smoking in the workplace for employee well-being, medical, legal and financial reasons. This includes recognition of the health effects of passive smoking, and of the need to manage the risk of liability from diseases caused by smoking, as well as encouraging smoking cessation as part of employee health promotion in the workplace.

The secondary objectives of the School’s smoking policy are to protect learners and non-smokers from exposure to second-hand smoke, to enhance the air quality of the work environment for all, and to comply with all relevant legislation in this regard.

Employees who do smoke are therefore expected to respect the health rights of learners and all non-smokers, as well as the preferences of non-smokers while at work, and on the School’s premises.

ISASA member schools are not required to make use of this policy; it is provided by way of example. As a Pro Forma (standardised draft) document, this policy should also be appropriately and properly customised by the user to suit their requirements.

Smoke-Free School Environment
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