The Role of SAHISA

The Southern African Heads of Independent Schools Association (SAHISA) is a membership organisation for heads and principals of independent (private) schools. Any head or principal of an ISASA member school may apply to join SAHISA.

The aims and objectives of SAHISA are:

  • to provide a collegial forum for the mutual understanding and support of members;
  • to promote the highest possible ethical and educational standards in schools;
  • to encourage an environment in which members and their communities are able to nurture their spiritual growth and faith;
  • to improve the quality of professional development of heads;
  • to encourage staff development through the interaction and co-operation of schools;
  • to supply members with ongoing advice and support;
  • to promote a sense of service, partnerships and social responsibility initiatives;
  • to foster educational and professional links with international associations, institutions and heads; and
  • to support ISASA’s interaction with education authorities and organisations.

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