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ISASA Quality Assurance

ISASA requires independent schools applying for membership to undergo an initial quality assurance process to ensure that a potential member school meets the prescribed conditions for membership, provides quality education and is committed to adhere to principles of ethical practice.

Once a school is accepted for ISASA membership, it must undergo a regular quality assurance process every six years. This is undertaken by an independent organisation, the Independent Quality Assurance Agency (IQAA) which ISASA has contracted to fulfill this specialised purpose.

IQAA quality assurance is based on a self-evaluation model. There is a global trend for schools to embrace self-evaluation as part of their ongoing commitment to a culture of quality assurance, or part of a quality management system within the school.

The benefit of a self-evaluation quality assurance process, under the guidance of an experienced mentor, is the opportunity for professional development that it provides to teaching and ancillary staff. This is justifiably seen as an important part of the process by the school leadership.