ISASA Constitution and Memorandum of Incorporation (MoI)

This memorandum of incorporation was adopted by Special Resolution passed on 27 JULY 2016 in substitution of the existing Memorandum of Incorporation of the Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa (NPC).


ISASA subscribes to the vision of a Southern Africa in which:

  • quality education is provided to all Southern African learners;
  • the value of independent education in contributing to this goal is recognised; and
  • a value-based, public-spirited community of diverse, high quality, independent schools is developed.


The mission of ISASA is:

  • to articulate the value of independent education;
  • to build a value-based, public spirited community of diverse independent schools;
  • to represent, promote and protect the common interests of its members; and
  • to provide professional services to members that will enhance their quality and facilitate their contribution to the development of education in Southern Africa.

Download the full memorandum of incorporation:

ISASA Constitution and MoI

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