Sarah Hoffman

Position: Child Protection: Enabling Safer Schools / Social Media Management Workshops
Categories: Facilitators

Sarah is passionate about technology and education. Through her talks, Sarah empowers parents and professionals to foster healthy and sustainable digital behaviours to ensure that our productivity, performance, parenting and relationships thrive in an increasingly digital world.

Sarah is the co-founder of Klikd, together with clinical psychologist Pam Tudin- an educational company aimed at giving children, teens and parents the tools to navigate social media successfully.

Before founding Klikd, she was a director and speaker at the Digital Law Company, South Africa’s thought leader in all matters related to social media and the law and is an admitted attorney. At the Digital Law Company, Sarah assisted hundreds of (mostly teen) victims of revenge pornography and cyberbullying and gave talks to companies and parents across the country on the legal, reputational and disciplinary risks of using social media.

Sarah spent five years running the strategic communications for African Leadership Academy (ALA), a pan-African leadership academy for talented youth from across the continent.

Sarah believes her most important job is being a mom to her two children. And when she isn’t running Klikd, or running after them, she is an avid wine enthusiast and self-proclaimed ‘foodie’.

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