Neurodiversity in the 21st Century Classroom

A visitorship report by Jenny Sim

This research project looks at including the various learning needs of children to create a Neurodiverse classroom where optimal learning can take place. A classroom where differences in children are celebrated, focussing on transformation and diversity.

Rather than changing the child to fit the environment it is important to change the environment (teaching practices) to fit the child. When thinking of the word diversity race / culture and gender often comes to mind, but neurodiversity / brain differences impact con teaching too. The 21st century teacher needs to empower children to problem solve and think laterally,

The aim of the research was to observe how teachers in Wales and the UK develop the needs of every child not only academically and cognitively but the “soft” skills of creative thinking and curiosity too. It was also to acquire different techniques that could be used to enhance learning, thereby creating a Neurodiverse classroom.

Neurodiversity in the Classroom

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