What is the #1 thing tech employers want?

Practical project experience. So imagine your Gr7-9s building their own website, mobile app or game from scratch, coding it themselves. Or even those Gr10-11’s who didn’t get into IT – here’s a chance for them to still pursue a tech career. And our variety of coding language courses will augment what the Gr10-12 IT kids are doing in school.

Our vision is to give high schoolers a headstart on their tech career so that by the time they matriculate – they are years ahead of their peers with a portfolio of real project experience and certifications that immediately make them more employable.

Techways easy-to-follow elearning platform provides global tech certifications in various tech pathways such as cyber security, game development, data science, mobile, web back-end and front-end and programming/coding with access to 18+ courses and live support.

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