Code4Kids is the best way to bring Coding, Robotics and IT into the school classroom for Grade 4-9.

All a school needs to run Code4Kids are computers, access to the internet and a motivated teacher – no coding background necessary!

Get everything from Code4Kids for the price of a textbook. Sign up for a free no-strings-attached 4-week trial. Contact us to give it a try!

More about Code4Kids

Hundreds of schools in South Africa and abroad choose Code4Kids. Here’s why:

1. Code4Kids is Teacher-First. Lessons are designed to be engaging and teacher-led.

a. No coding background required. As a teacher, you don’t need any coding background. Hundreds of teachers with no coding experience have successfully implemented the Code4Kids curriculum and we’re here to guide, supply and support you throughout.

b. Teacher training & support. Teachers have access to the Code4Kids continuous professional teacher development program (Levels 1-3). This isn’t a class where students put their headphones on and disappear. This is an exciting class, full of challenges, discussions and team work. We support your teachers throughout the year.

2. Code4Kids is Relevant. Students use real code, to learn real-world content, all curriculum-aligned.

a. Real code, making websites and apps; programming drones and the mars rover. All the while learning real coding languages. After their first lesson students are building websites that impress many of their parents – who themselves want to learn from their kids! We avoid playing ‘games.’ Instead students learn to code those games themselves!

b. Real content. Students learn about their country, the solar system, famous women in history, entrepreneurship, maths and loads more! We avoid using made up characters, but focus on interleaving real-world and curriculum aligned subject matter.

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