Adjusted Level 3 Lockdown and Reopening of Independent Schools

On 28 December 2020, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that South Africa would, at midnight, move to Adjusted Lockdown Level 3. Regulations for the adjusted lockdown level were subsequently Gazetted on 29 December 2020 and will remain in effect until 15 January 2021, when they will be re-assessed.

The adjusted Level 3 lockdown restrictions are in response to a sustained increase in the number of COVID-19 infections, brought about partly by a new variant of the virus that is more transmissible.

ISASA has been contacted by several members regarding the implications of the new lockdown for reopening of schools. ISASA advises that, where possible, schools consider delaying their re-opening until at least Monday, 18 January 2021

A full memorandum from ISASA to member schools is available for download:

Reopening of Schools 2021

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