Training for Managers and Human Resource Professionals

Griessel Consulting are continuing virtual workshops for managers and human resources practitioners to develop the necessary skills to successfully address, present and determine disciplinary and incapacity cases in respect of employees in their schools. These skills will also extend to arbitrations at the Commission for Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA).

The workshops are highly interactive and practical, with sufficient opportunity for questions and discussions.

  • A one-day webinar that gives a foundational overview of managing day-to-day staff discipline, poor performance, conducting hearings and dismissals. (3 February 2023) – R1 650 per person (excluding Value Added Tax (VAT)). Essential skills for all line managers, Heads of Departments, Business Managers, Principals and Deputies.
  • A 3-hour workshop on Incapacity, when dealing with under-performing employees for reasons of incompetence, ill health and incompatibility (1 February 2023) – R850 per person (excluding VAT).
  • A 3-hour workshop (masterclass) for Initiators, focusing on formulating charges, leading evidence and cross-examination skills (9 February 2023) – R850 per person (excluding VAT).
  • A 3-hour workshop (masterclass) for Chairpersons, focusing on evaluating evidence, making a finding and sanction selection (15 February) – R850 per person (excluding VAT).

The workshops are facilitated by Judith Griessel, a labour law specialist with extensive experience relating to independent schools. We are also available to do these workshops in-house if preferred – contact to discuss this option.

To register, or for more details about these workshops, visit our website.

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