Recall and Re-issue of Umalusi Accreditation Certificates

Umalusi, the South African Quality Assurer for General and Further Education and Training, has issued notices to recall independent school accreditation certificates as these do not provide an expiry date. According to Umalusi, all accreditation certificates for independent schools will henceforth indicate the expiry date on the certificate.

It is important to note that the expiry date on the certificate will not denote the expiry of a school’s accreditation with Umalusi, merely the expiry date of that certificate. The accreditation certificate can be renewed on its expiry, based on the school’s adherence to the minimum requirements for accreditation as determined through Umalusi’s monitoring processes, and payment of the required accreditation fees.

The ISASA Policy Unit has released a memorandum that discusses this issue in more detail:

Umlausi Accreditation Certificates

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