Vanessa Botha

Position: Conflict Management
Categories: Facilitators

Vanessa Botha is Training Manager at Conflict Dynamics, a specialist training and dispute resolution organisation offering training on conflict management skills, dispute resolution, negotiation skills, employment relations and labour law as well as process interventions such as mediation, facilitation and chairing of enquiries and investigations.

Vanessa has more than 20 years of experience in designing, developing and facilitating training on a variety of issues under the Labour Relations banner, including Conflict Management, Chairing Disciplinary Enquiries, Preparing for and Presenting Cases in Disciplinary Enquiries, Managing Performance and Workplace Discipline and the general application of South African Labour Legislation.

She is an experienced consultant in the areas of Labour Relations and Learning and Development, having consulted independently on these subject matters for 10 years prior to joining Conflict Dynamics. During this time she also practiced in the area of alternative dispute resolution as a Tokiso panellist.

Earlier in her career, Vanessa spent a number of years in the corporate sector, notably as Industrial Relations Specialist for Nestle South Africa. She also has extensive experience in academia having been a part-time lecturer in Labour Relations at the University of the Witwatersrand’s Business School and Faculty of Commerce for 17 years.

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