Xhuma XAB | The future of Career Guidance & Subject Recommendations

Xhuma’s globally award winning, clinically developed, career guidance technology ecosystem uses Artificial Intelligence to determine personalised career alternatives by triangulating a student’s personality, interests, and cognitive abilities.

The system intuitively links chosen careers to recommended tertiary qualifications, unpacks the requisite admission requirements in a way that allows scholars and parents to make informed subject choices at Grade 9 and then, track the admission progress between Grades 10-12.

In addition, it is 75% more cost effective than the typical one-dimensional solutions in the marketplace. Another unique benefit of the XAB is the ability to book a consultation with a clinical psychologist, should the need arise, for further career guidance.

Our end-to-end Xhuma XAB digital solution is designed to accommodate scholars and parents whenever and wherever they are. This ease of access has been particularly invaluable for our users during this unfortunate Covid pandemic period we’ve been experiencing.

But how does it work?

Contact Xhuma and we’ll walk you through the platform by showing you the types of analytics, diagnostics, and insights we can generate for your student base.

Please visit https://www.careerguide.xhuma.io/careerguide-for-schools for more information on how Xhuma XAB will change the way your students identify and understand their natural career fit.

Contact: Schalk Burger | CEO | Co-Founder

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