Workshop on Rights and Responsibilities

To assist its member schools in understanding their rights and responsibilities, ISASA has produced a set of Guidelines for independent schools which have been prepared with legal assistance and are based on the Constitution, relevant legislation and key principles. The Guidelines aim to clarify misunderstandings of provincial and district education department officials of the different roles and responsibilities in respect of independent schools as opposed to public schools.

These Guidelines form the basis of the updated ISASA workshop on the Rights and Responsibilities of Independent Schools. In this half-day workshop ISASA clarifies these Rights and Responsibilities and draws a distinction between legal obligation and good practice, which schools of quality should always endeavour to follow.

The workshop is intended for school management, senior staff members, and the Chair and all members of the school’s Board.

Facilitator: Confidence Dikgole, ISASA Director of Policy and Government Relations.

In-Person Cost: R500 per delegate (excluding VAT).

Online Cost: R270 per delegate (excluding VAT).

Please contact the ISASA Professional Development Department for more information.