Workshop on Media Relations & Crises Communication

As almost all schools will have to at some stage deal with the media, either print, broadcast or online, it is essential that they have the tools to cope with challenging crises; a time when good communication is crucial.

This ISASA workshop on focuses on crisis communication and how best to deal with the media. Topics in this course include:

  • Understanding the South African media environment
  • Identify the warning signs that generally precede a reputational crisis
  • Critical issues to be considered in a public relations crisis
  • Managing a crisis in the media
  • Crisis communications
  • Dealing with the media confidently and professionally
  • Using social media
  • How to defend your reputational capital if a crisis breaks.

The case-study approach workshop is presented by one of South Africa’s most experienced executive media trainers, Alan Arguile, who has personally presented more than 800 media training sessions across the continent. Clients include at least one of the top two companies in each of the JSE listed sectors, global professional services firms, state owned enterprises, government departments, schools and NGOs.

The workshop is a half-day presentation, most especially for the Heads of Schools (but also those in the school’s senior communications team, including School Marketers and Public Relations Personnel). There are opportunities for interaction and practical application throughout.

Facilitator: Alan Arguile.

Duration: 5 hours (usually 09:00 – 14:00).

In-person Cost: R1 970 per delegate (excluding VAT).

Online Cost: R835 per delegate (excluding VAT)

Please contact the ISASA Professional Development Department for more information.

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