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Workshop on Effective Marketing During Covid Times

In a COVID-19 environment, School Marketing has changed, fundamentally, with the school marketer, admissions and development team all having to rethink their tactics to rely more on strategy.

This two-session online workshop aims to address the specific challenges caused by COVID-19 in attracting and retaining stakeholder interest and commitment. These stakeholders would include pupils and parents but also sponsors/donors and alumni.

The workshop is suitable for the entire marketing/advancement team of a school, who should ideally attend the same session as a school team. This would include admissions, marketing, communications, alumni and development/fundraising staff. It may also be useful for senior school leadership and Heads of schools due to the strategic significance of the marketing effort.

Version 2020 – After the publication of A Guide to Effective School Marketing by ISASA, this workshop was originally designed to help schools better understand the changing marketing environment and for schools to position themselves optimally, by applying the basic tenets explained in the book. We are fortunate to have the author of this ISASA publication, Keryn House, as the facilitator of this workshop.

This is intended as a vibrant cross-school event focussing on strategic essentials – The four pillars of target market, positioning, messages and platforms. These are then applied to a COVID-19 environment, in which customers have changed and operational models of schooling have changed (virtual open days, tours, online fundraising, remote/hybrid learning etc).

The first session sets the scene on current market trends and outlines the impact on schools, with breakout sessions to explore these changes and their effects. We discuss how the development of personas (ideal client avatars) help to reach your target market and how different personas are affected by the economic fallout from COVID-19.

The second session builds on this understanding of the target market, applying it to market positioning, messages and platforms for implementation. Guidelines on virtual events are included, with examples. The workshop ends with a group task to create a campaign (marketing, admissions, alumni and development) for a specific target market with a specific objective.

NB: There are two versions of this workshop: the multi-school version with multiple schools attending and a more bespoke, single-school variant aimed at assisting an individual school to evaluate its specific marketing strategy. Please note that this scheduled event is a MULTI-SCHOOL version.

Facilitator: Keryn House, a strategic marketer with extensive experience in the independent school sector.

Cost: R450 per delegate (excluding VAT).

Please note that this online event is a multi-school event.

Please contact the ISASA Professional Development Department for more information.