Workshop Feedback Survey

In order to ensure that our training is of the highest quality, we would appreciate your feedback on this course. We ask you to be as honest and as frank as possible as we are always striving to improve our service offering. Forms can be filled out confidentially, although we would be grateful if you could provide us with your name, as it will help to explore any issues in more detail.

Workshop Feedback Survey

General Information

Was this an online (remote) workshop?

About the Trainers

How do you rate the following?
How well were the course objectives conveyed to you?
To what extent was the session alive and interesting?
How do you rate the trainer’s/trainers’ ability to use aids e.g. flipcharts, videos, etc?
How well were the key learning points reinforced and summarised during the workshop?
To what extent was the trainer(s) helpful and approachable throughout the course?
What is your overall rating of the trainer(s)?

About the Course Content

How do you rate the following?
The level of the programme in relation to those for whom it is intended
The materials provided - guidelines, publication or notes
The content in relation to your expectations
The organisation of the content
The exercises used to teach the content
The use of practical examples and experience to illustrate principles
What is your overall rating of the course content and learning experience?

Remote Experience

Were you admitted to the meeting timeously?
Please rate the sound when the facilitator was presenting
Please rate the quality of the presentation/video
Were there any technical difficulties from the host/facilitator?
Please rate the administration of the breakaway, polls and annotation activities
Were your questions tracked in the chat and relayed to the facilitator?
Did you have any problems with bad connectivity/loadshedding during the workshop (on your end)?
Was there space for sufficient participation to allow you to feel a part of the workshop?

In-Person Experience

How would you rate the venue in terms of layout, level of comfort (seating, temperature, ventilation, etc.) visibility of facilitator and charts?
Were there an adequate number of breaks?
How would you rate the length of the breaks?
Please rate the opportunity for interaction, collegiality and networking among delegates

Additional Comments


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Having attended the workshop, I would be happy for the advertisers featured in this workshop only (if applicable) to contact me to promote services/products not connected to ISASA and its workshops.
All marketing emails you may receive should provide you with an option to ‘unsubscribe’ or a means to request to no longer be contacted in the event your interest wanes. In this way you remain in control of your information and how it is used. In the event they do not provide this functionality, kindly let us know.

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