Water Security and Management

Your Water Security and Management partner

PURE CARE is a dynamic and holistic Water Management Company that focusses on 7 pillars of Water Security and Management. These pillars range from the national Water Act regulations to Water Treatment systems that process ground water sources that are customised to specific applications.

PURE CARE prides itself in offering a fully integrated set of water management services across a broad spectrum of water related activities. These include regulation at national and local government levels and related compliance to the applicable regulations.

Sourcing of alternate water from ground supplies and the treatment thereof for the bespoke application for the water usage is a very fundamental part of the Pure Care business. The security of water supplies is an integral part of the continuous supply of water to the water consumer. We focus all stakeholders on the value of water and its effective use by assisting them to be WATER SMART.

Our team of professionals have been involved in water processing and management across many industries for the past 30 years, with specific expertise focus on the Education and Health industries. We treat over 2 billion litres of water at some 200 sites across South Africa and a good number of other African countries.

Our ability and results are judged to find and implement solutions for any water security and management challenge in all regions in which we operate is judged and valued by our existing clients who in most instances have been with us on their entire water management journey.

For all your Water Management queries and requirements please contact Jennifer Marques or Chris Kelway

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