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High School English Teacher


Skye College High English Teacher

Same-old education? No thank you. We want more, and so we do things differently at Skye College. Our vision is to develop learning communities that equip our students, teachers and parents to thrive.

Individuals that thrive build and maintain meaningful relationships with others. They are deeply connected to the world, to nature and to themselves. They make a meaningful contribution to the world, reach their full potential, and have good habits that lead to a balanced and resilient life.

We are looking for an English teacher to lead our first cohort of Skye College high-schoolers to mastery as a critical component of the Thriveway. The Thriveway is a journey of learning opportunities and interactions that will prepare each learner with the competencies, knowledge and habits needed to thrive – today and in the future.

Sounds like an opportunity you wish to pursue? If so, read on to find out more.



Our mission at Skye College is to provide our students with an education to thrive. This is our “True North” and guides everything that we do. This vision extends beyond our learners and includes our teachers, parents and community.

We seek an ambitious and dynamic English teacher to contribute to our vision by:

  • Translating the Cambridge curriculum into an innovative, evidence-based English programme for our high-school; preparing students for success at tertiary study and work.
  • Participating in a data-driven approach to teaching, focused on student and teacher learning and continuous improvement towards mastery for all students.
  • Creating a socio-emotional school climate conducive to learning and connection by implementing Skye College socio-emotional programmes.
  • Actively contributing to our vision of an education to thrive – for all our students, by supporting us to build a school where healthy relationships flourish; where good habits are nurtured; where students are supported to reach their full potential; and where young people are equipped to make a meaningful contribution in a 21st century society.
  • Implement collaborative cross-curricular project-based learning experiences for students with the purpose of a) applying their learning from English classes to real-world scenarios b) reaching key outcomes of other Cambridge subjects such as “Thinking skills” and “Global perspectives” in a real-world, applied setting c) developing 21st century skills like problem-solving, collaboration and creativity d) contributing to their community e) building healthy relationships with self, others and nature.


For more information, or to apply, please download the full pdf advertisement.

Honeydew, Gauteng, South Africa
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