High School Curriculum and Assessment Officer - Linguistics


About SPARK Schools
SPARK Schools is a social impact disruptor and is leading change in the education space through its network of affordable private schools. The SPARK Schools network provides transformational education innovation through Africa’s first blended learning model, which elevates student achievement and provides the tools teachers need to serve their students effectively.

The blended learning model, which combines classroom teaching and online instruction, allows teachers to anticipate student needs and equips schools to provide personalized education at an affordable cost. SPARK Schools is pioneering this transformative education model to ensure the accessibility of university and careers for all.

SPARK Schools is a high growth, mission and values-driven entrepreneurial organisation, operating 19 primary schools, 1 high school and serving over 15,200 families in 20223. We are looking for dynamic people to join our team.

High School Curriculum and Assessment Officer – Linguistics

Purpose of Role:

The High School Curriculum and Assessment officer drives student achievement in the SPARK Schools network by ensuring that our curriculum is engaging and rigorous and that our assessment accurately measures student progress toward each individual’s achievement goals. The Curriculum and Assessment Officers’ support in the SPARK Schools network is integral to the SPARK Schools’ mission to create systemic change in South African education.

Reports To: Curriculum and Assessment Manager


  • Primary Subjects: Linguistic 8 to 12
  • Secondary Subjects/Areas: Three other subject areas as agreed based on skills in the team.

School-based support

  • Drive the implementation of the curriculum and assessment model at SPARK Schools.
  • Supplement a rigorous network-wide curriculum for the allocated subjects that aligns to and extends the South African national curriculum, including comprehensive assessments for all grades and all subjects.
  • Conduct weekly observation linked to curriculum coverage
  • Conduct PD sessions for teachers directed at curriculum gaps
  • Support pre-service and in-service professional development for school leaders and educators on curriculum.
  • Helps instructional coaches and educators to develop instructional strategies and intervention programmes
  • Source and recommend for implementation appropriate curriculum resources
  • Document and communicate scope and sequence of curriculum for each grade level and subject, in conjunction with internal assessments.
  • Demonstrate a relentless commitment to student achievement.
  • Facilitate a network-wide assessment and data analysis cycle that allows school leaders to analyse student performance and identify areas for school-wide targeted instruction.
  • Seek opportunities to integrate online data with classroom assessment data to create a richer understanding of student progress through blended learning.
  • Generate and manage internal assessment schedules, logistics, and reporting.
  • Monitor grade-level and phase-specific progress against scope and sequence maps and assessments, using data analysis.
  • Clearly communicate network-wide and school data to school leaders, in order to ensure accurate interpretation of student progress.


  • To engage and maintain relations with external stakeholders within the Education sphere i.e DOE, DBE, GDE, WCED, Districts, ISASA, UMALUSI, etc
  • To attend district meetings and maintain a healthy relationships with subject advisors, academic compliance manager and other academic compliance officials in the DOE, DBE, GDE, WCED, Districts, ISASA, UMALUSI, etc
  • Attend academic compliance meetings hosted by Umalusi, Isaasa or any other education governing body.
  • To Support the team responsible for SA-SAMS, CEMIS, and Valistractor submissions to district offices.
  • To uphold, maintain and appropriately store all statutory documents and records related to school compliance.
  • To identify, investigate and correct any potential compliance risks associated with the operations of our school.
  • Escalating risks relating to academic compliance


  • Develop and Moderate assessments
  • Curate assessments from the DOE and other bodies
  • Develop ATPs
  • Develop medium plans
  • Review lesson plans linked to assessment readiness


  • Evaluate resources and make recommendations.
  • Promote the vision and mission of SPARK Schools Support to SPARK Schools Support staff and SPARK Schools staff, scholars, families, and the greater community.

Qualifications and Criteria:

The ideal candidate will possess the following qualifications and criteria:

  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • At least three years of experience formally coaching teachers.
  • Experience in curriculum development and assessment.
  • Linguistic background.


Values: Service, Persistence, Achievement, Responsibility, Kindness

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Rosebank, Johannesburg, South Africa
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