Head of Prep School


 Striving for excellence through balanced, inclusive education


We seek to appoint an experienced, innovative, and dynamic person to fill the positions of:

 Head of Prep School

A description of the post can be found at the end of this advertisement.

The following are pre-requisites for the position:

  • An appropriate undergraduate or postgraduate degree in the field of education.
  • A Post Graduate Certificate in Education.
  • At least ten years teaching experience.
  • At least five years’ experience of management, preferably in an independent school.
  • Extensive experience and innovative ideas appropriate to this position.
  • A passion for the development of children.
  • Technological capacity and a willingness to work hard.

The successful applicants will be required to fill this post from 01 January 2025. Please submit a CV and letter of motivation using the following form: https://bit.ly/MHPrepHead2025  by the close of business on 22 July 2024.

Only suitably qualified and experienced candidates will be considered. An application will not in itself entitle the applicant to an interview. The school reserves the right not to make this appointment.

 Mitchell House, in line with POPIA (Protection of Personal Information Act) will attempt to ensure the confidentiality of all applicants for this role. All reasonable measures will be in place to protect personal information but will be used in the recruitment, selection, and reporting process. By submitting your application for this position, you are recognising and accepting this disclaimer.


Prep School (PS): Head

General responsibilities

  1. The Prep School Head:
    • Takes overall responsibility for the leadership of the PS, comprising Squirrels Nest (SN), the Junior Prep (JP), the Senior Prep (SP) and the Enrichment Centre (EC).
    • Protects and interprets the mission, ethos and values of the school as a Christian school.
  2. Is accountable to the Executive Head (EH) of the school. S/He consults the EH on any matters involving the interpretation or implementation of any external Statutes.
  3. The Head is assisted in her/his function by a School Committee (SC) consisting of the Deputy Head and HODs in the SN, JP and SP, EC, the Sports Coordinator and any other personnel the head may think appropriate as circumstances determine. The function of the SC is described elsewhere. In essence it is to lead the whole staff in their professional responsibilities
  4. The head ensures there is effective, efficient and appropriate communication between all stakeholders within the PS. In particular keeping parents informed of all activities and developments is essential. The Head attends PA meetings as necessary to discharge this responsibility.
  5. Within the policy directives as set out by the Board, the Management Committee (MANCO) and any other relevant structures that may be established from time to time, the Head is responsible in the PS for:
    • The administration;
    • Academic planning and co-ordination, including awards and curriculum-planning and development;
    • The co-curricular programme;
    • Professional decisions regarding new admissions;
    • Learner leadership and discipline;
    • Control of specific aspects of the budget relating to the PS;

Academic: curriculum design, development, and delivery

  1. To achieve Mitchell House’s holistic approach to education, as outlined in the Growing Our Shadow curriculum plan, the Head ensures a common approach to curriculum design, development, and delivery. A common approach:
    • Ensures that common theoretical cohesion underpins curriculum design, development, and delivery.
    • Ensures appropriate continuity and progression from grade to grade and phase to phase.
    • Allows for a process of effective planning and monitoring of the curriculum to maintain consistent focus on relevance, consistency, practicality, and effectiveness.
    • Enables the school to measure the extent to which the curriculum meets the diverse needs of all learners.
    • Ensures common practice and a shared approach to promotions across phases.
    • Ensures that new programmes are implemented coherently and systematically across all grades, and that any issues with these programmes can be dealt with quickly and effectively.
    • Allows for focussed professional development and the effective implementation of these throughout the PS.
    • Facilitate evidence-based research to inform best practice throughout the prep school.

Pastoral care systems

  1. A unified expectation of behaviour, and approach to discipline, underpinned by our school values and ethos, and articulated in a similar style from grades 1 to 7, will facilitate improved discipline in all phases of the PS, promoting the wellbeing of both learners and teachers. To achieve this, the Head:
    • Implements a discipline system, using common principles, symbols, rewards, and consequences that will also serve to promote transparency and consistency.
    • Ensures the continued care for, support and monitoring of individual learners throughout their PS journey. This is facilitated by common systems and processes, ensuring learners do not fall through the cracks academically, socially, or emotionally, and that their needs are met at all stages of their learning.
    • Assists teachers by developing common strategies to meet the diverse needs of those they teach.

Responsibilities: staff

  1. The Head manages all personnel and contractual matters pertaining to the PS staff (academic and administrative). In particular:
    • Teaching, including co-curricular allocations;
    • Advertising for, selecting and appointing new staff;
    • Staff development, appraisal and performance;
    • Any other staff administrative procedures, e.g. staff leave.
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