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Head of Academics


The ADvTECH Schools Division leads the private sector in the field of education, contributing meaningfully towards the sustainable development of human capacity in South Africa.

We seek to make the following appointment at

Head Office – Evolve Online School

Head of Academics


  • Preferably a Master’s or Doctoral qualification in Education but an NQF Level 8 would be acceptable for a person with sufficient leadership experience in education.


  • Minimum 10 years’ teaching experience in the same or similar type of position in a similar environment with a minimum or 5-8 years Management Experience.

Duties will include:

  • Development and Execution of the Academic Strategy (Macro)
    • Leading review and development of the academic strategy for the Advtech schools
    • Working with schools’ leadership to align brand value propositions with the academic strategy
    • Setting performance goals against the strategy
    • Selection of measurement tools for performance measurement
    • Communication of strategy internally and externally
    • Review and monitoring of strategy and strategic focus areas
    • Definition and development of the tactics, goals and processes to achieve that strategy
    • Oversight of professional development and associated activities to improve brand performance
  • Academic performance benchmarking and improvement
    • Selection and implementation of benchmarking tools
    • Communication of findings and collaborative agreement with school management of improvement strategies
    • Monitoring implementation of the performance improvement strategies
  • Teaching and Learning
    • Leading central and brand team of experts in the selection of progressive teaching and learning methodologies and technologies
    • Oversight and leadership of implementation and impact monitoring of agreed strategies
    • Develops and reviews a framework for the use of ICT in teaching and learning
    • Oversight of implementation of appropriate technologies to support learning and teaching
    • Drive and support adoption of learning management systems as next phase of blended learning
    • Support development of teacher skills
  • Curriculum alignment and monitoring
    • Design and development of appropriate differentiation and standardisation projects that will enable common assessments and benchmarking including but not limited to timetable efficiencies and models
    • Develop and implement same scope and sequence framework for all schools across subjects to support impact and performance measurement
    • Identify and support projects to share best practise and learning material
    • Seek high impact, low cost solutions for offerings of strategic subjects such as FAL and for low impact, high volume subjects such
    • Support the running of differentiated curricula
  • School effectiveness and efficiencies
    • Collaborative work to ensure effective and efficient staffing and other resource models for schools aligned with impact assessments
    • Develop sustainable co-operative relationships with national education structures to improve information and understanding of the schools and to provide leadership and guidance on educational matters for the schools
    • Identify and promote implementation of common resources where suitable in context of brand differentiation – making use of both traditional and digital platforms
    • Work with team responsible for STASY to ensure that it remains aligned with requirements and with strategy and provide final decisions related to academics within this system
  • Innovation
    • Evaluate trends and products to identify those with the potential for impact on teaching and learning and guide adoption where appropriate
    • Monitor and evaluate impact and adoption
  • Differentiation (brand and divisional)
    • Ensure inclusion of divisional differentiators such as global competencies and RDI
    • Develop and implement programmes/ competitions/ other differentiators such as Tournament of Minds
    • Drive implementation of technology enabled learning
  • Data driven decision making
    • Develop and administer common assessments as standardised assessments
    • Use benchmark testing to compare and develop performance and align performance goals and strategies
    • Embed a goal-oriented approach to results including deliberate use of data from Jumptrak baseline and benchmarking, ACER IEB and grade 12 final results
    • Develop, review and implement school readiness test at Grade 0
    • Develop, review and implement transition tracking tools for first year of each phase
    • Develop a standardised framework for timetabling
    • Develop BI capability through KITSO (working with ITSU team) and drive use of the tool to improve school management of performance
  • Research and Analysis
    • Creates a dynamic and forward-looking research environment
    • Conducts analysis of key areas of academic performance in through data collection and analysis
    • Pilot projects and initiatives
    • Keeps abreast of educational trends and assesses for impact and implementation where appropriate
  • Quality Assurance
    • Develop and implement a quality assurance framework including performance measurement
    • Establish a QA and growth-oriented mindset in the brand to support development of same in each school
    • Ensures that the necessary evaluation and monitoring procedures and tools are in place to ensure both compliance and improvement
    • Oversee authorisation and verification visits of newly introduced curricula
    • Ensures teachers of new schools have mentors aligned to ensuring strong matric results in the “Road to Matric” programme
    • Training and capacity development
  • People Management
    • Manage the Schools CAT members for high performance aligned with strategy and goals
    • Support brand management of staff and assist with senior appointments
    • Give regular, actionable feedback to the brand and schools
    • Support transformation objectives
    • Budgeting and financial management for all associated activities
  • Stakeholder Relationship Management
    • Partner with brand leadership to quality assure differentiation as well as divisional compliance
    • Strategically manage relationships with principals, MDs, COOs and teachers
    • Ensures and enables clear and open communication that includes regular feedback and information sharing
    • Refine and improve functioning of communication and information sharing processes and places such as the Schools Hub
    • Report to Board and Management Committees
    • Provides and guides strategic partners regarding the division’s objectives and marketing strategy
    • Ensure that the compliance requirements for academic work across the division are known and understood and engage with the relevant bodies to ensure compliance
    • Provides guidance on where the division’s objectives require alignment to stakeholder objectives

Competencies required:

  • Attention to detail and accuracy.
  • Project execution.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work in a matrix structure.
  • Exceptional communication skills – both verbal and written.
  • Curriculum.
  • Analytical skills exercised effectively in the pursuit of solutions and opportunities.
  • Advanced ability to work in a matrix and across systems.
  • Good judgement, unquestioned integrity and high energy levels.
  • Ethical behaviour and judgement.
  • Critical thinking.
  • Conflict handling and problem solving.
  • Persuasion and motivation.
  • Dependability.
  • Education and Training.
  • Needs Analysis.
  • Research.

Please apply online via the ADvTECH Career Portal:

(If you do not have an existing account on the ADvTECH Career Portal, you will need to register on their website. You do not need to register on the ISASA site)

ADvTECH is an equal opportunity employer. Only successful candidates will be notified. Preference will be given to EE candidates.

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