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Associate Dean of Instruction (Paulshof)


Associate Dean of Instruction (Paulshof)

We are looking for an outstanding educator to serve as the Associate Dean of Instruction and support professional development for teachers at our Paulshof Campus in 2022! This is an opportunity to help create a transformative school model with the future of Africa’s youth at stake.

As Associate Dean of Instruction serving on the school leadership team, you will help the School Leader establish an extremely strong and vibrant school culture consistent with Nova Pioneer’s core culture principles. However, your primary focus is teacher development. Drawing on support from instructional leaders on Nova Pioneer’s network team, you will support create a professional development “machine” inside the school: deliberate practice routines and management habits that stretch teachers professionally and give them higher quality, more intensive coaching than they can get anywhere else. You will support building a pipeline of homegrown local teacher talent inside the school that produces master teachers and great instructional leaders over time.


  • Specific key responsibilities for the role include:
  • To support the School Leader to articulate a compelling short- and long-term vision for the development of the school’s culture and program
  • Set and model a consistent tone of highest expectations, joy, and growth mindset
  • Lead key school rituals as needed to model and ingrain culture
  • Quickly identify and respond to classroom/school culture or behavior issues
  • Lead instruction sessions for parents
  • Follow up with Learning Design team on teachers’ feedback on lesson plans.
  • Coordinate with Academic Support team on availability of learning materials and teaching resources.
  • With the support and development from the Dean of Instruction and Learning:
  • Serve as hiring manager for all instructional staff hires
  • Coach teachers through extensive observation and feedback
  • Supervise all professional development routines and activities across the school
  • Facilitate collaboration among teachers within/across grade levels and subject areas
  • Collect, analyze, share and interpret internal and external school assessment data and ensure that data is used strategically to improve student academic performance
  • Oversee planning, execution and analysis of intervention programs targeted at needs of diverse academic subgroups, whether remedial or enrichment


  • You have a Bachelor’s Degree in education and are SACE certified
  • You have at least 2 years of experience in a rigorous, high-expectations school setting including at least one instructional leadership role (e.g., department head, grade lead, teacher coach, deputy position etc.)
  • You are widely recognized as a highly effective teacher and can model what great, inquiry-based teaching looks like
  • You have a track record of improving other people’s performance through coaching and build uncommonly strong relationships
  • You have an exceptional ability to think strategically and yet you sweat the small stuff—people see you as unusually detail-oriented and conscientious
  • You are driven by data and know how to use data from student assessments to strengthen and differentiate student learning
  • You are excited about our organizational culture—and in particular, you are fired up to challenge yourself by embracing mutual vulnerability and a firehose of feedback
  • You have a desire to further develop your learning design skills and apply them to transform the lives of African youth

How to Apply:

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To apply, please complete the form on this page. We cannot process applications that are emailed to us.

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