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Academic Development Coordinator - Digital Literacy and Innovation (Schools Division)


Academic Development Coordinator –
Digital Literacy and Innovation (Schools Division)



Schools Central Academic Team

Academic (Grade: CU)

Organisational Context:

The Central Academic Team is responsible for the academic strategy and leadership for Advtech schools. It forms part of the overall Central Academic Team of Advtech that is also responsible for the same in the tertiary division. The office is in Sandton.

Reporting To:

The Academic Development Coordinator – Digital Literacy and Innovation will report to the Academic Head

Level and Scope of Responsibility:

To implement and support the execution of the Academic excellence strategy within the Schools division and to lead and co-ordinate the implementation of the Digital Literacy and ICT programs across the ADvTECH schools so as to ensure that the integration of technology is effective and impactful. Responsible for assessing and subsequently addressing training and development needs of staff and monitoring and tracking the effectiveness of the programs implementation

Key Areas of Responsibility Include:

Academic Strategy

  • Researches and analyses global trends in education as they relate to the Schools key strategic imperatives. (E.g. Global Citizenship: Respect, Diversity & Inclusion and Global Competencies, IBL, Online assessments etc.)
  • Defines the offering in the ADvTECH context, by articulating the written, taught and assessed curricula across the ADvTECH schools
  • Introduces key strategic imperatives and plans which have been agreed and implements them across the ADvTECH schools
  • Keeps oversight of the integration of digital technology into the Teaching & Learning programmes offered at the schools
  • Holds the schools accountable by making recommendations to the Brand Managers in terms of reporting the current status of the practice/offering to them.

New Age Technology Spaces

  • Develops policy for achieving the technology and innovative learning culture at ADvTECH schools
  • Assists individuals or teams with development of Units of teaching and learning for the digital literacy program
  • Co-ordinates year level outcomes to ensure both vertical and horizontal articulation
  • Ensures all requirements and procedures are adhered to by all relevant schools
  • Supports the preparation and process for Teacher Evaluation on the digital platforms
  • Leads, supports and monitors the professional development of teachers
  • Acts as the liaison between the Head of Academics and the teachers and ensures all relevant communication is timeously disseminated to the schools
  • Monitors and tracks the Action Plans, per school, ensuring that reporting formats reflect the schools’ requirements
  • Gathers both formal and informal feedback from staff and parents at information sessions and relays this to the relevant stakeholders
  • Prepares reports for Board and MANCO on implementation, consolidating inputs received from schools
  • Liaises with the Brand Marketing Manager to arrange for the marketing and promotion of Digital Literacy Programs
  • Manages the resource budget for the Digital Literacy program

Professional Development

  • Stays abreast of current global trends in education, e.g. by affiliation with relevant professional bodies
  • Creates platforms/forums where global trends are shared and disseminated across the schools with the appropriate staff
  • Arranges for own professional development needs
  • Presents at leadership conferences, creating an awareness of current global thinking in the academic arena and promoting the ADvTech School brands
  • Writes articles for internal and external publications
  • Attends and presents at functions as required viz Award Ceremonies, School Productions, Parents evenings etc
  • Ensures relevant staff meet minimum requirements for professional development
  • Co-ordinates the professional development plans of staff with respect to Digital Literacy, in collaboration with the Schools leadership teams

Training & Staff Development

  • Identifies development needs of New Age Technology space teachers and other teachers, sources and recommends solutions
  • Prepares, develops and delivers the training material that is being offered to the schools
  • Arranges for the induction of staff new to ADvTECH schools
  • Keeps records of all workshops and school visits and uses this information to help identify future needs
  • Reviews, reflects and evaluates the effectiveness of the training offered
  • Arranges regular teacher planning and collaboration meetings
  • Provides input to New Age Technology Space Educator appraisals
  • Building good relationships with relevant stakeholders

Knowledge Management

  • Ensures that schools have communicated a programme for the implementation of the Academic Vision aligned to the Digital Literacy strategy
  • Lead the process of developing and/or reviewing the schools implementation of the academic scope and sequence documents, according to ADvTECH requirements


  • Minimum of 4 year teaching qualification, with emphasis on leadership relating to Curriculum Development in ICT.
  • SACE registered
  • Ideally a Post-graduate qualification in education


  • 3-5 years’ teaching experience
  • 3-5 years’ experience in development of innovative classroom practices
  • 3-5 years’ experience with familiarity with New Age Technology spaces and the integration of technology in teaching and learning


  • Planning & Organizing
  • Teaching & Learning
  • Communication, written and verbal
  • Presentation Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Attention to detail
  • Forward thinking
  • Research minded
  • Growth mindset
  • Future focused education
  • Academic excellence

Other Job Related Information:

Travel and work outside of normal hours will occasionally be required

Effective Date:

Commensurate with qualifications and experience, in line with sector best practice.

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