Academic Administrator

 31 May 2023

Position Summary

School: Bedfordview Preparatory
EE position: No


At ADvTECH, we aim to BUILD and grow a high-quality organisation in education, training and placement that is widely recognised for passionate commitment and success in enriching people’s lives and future.

Job description

1. Key Purpose Statement
Administrator role was created to provide professional and efficient assistance.
2. Key Responsibilities:
1. Academic structure and ITSU Support (20%)
User role allocation, implementation, and training of new and current users
• Allocation of users according to their roles. – this role is no longer available for the AA. Can no longer edit users.
• Training of new staff, parent, and student users.
• Support to the learning community on using STASY, Toddle, BBU and/or any other management systems used by Crawford International.
ADvTECH IT liason for upgrades, manual and query support to the community.
• Distribution of new manuals and communication of system changes and upgrades
• Assist with ADvTECH IT queries, responses and changes to be made.
• Assist with parent queries and profile changes and updates related to STASY, Toddle and BBU or any other management systems used by Crawford International.
• Communication system upgrades and changes made by ADvTECH IT to the learning community.
Student administration set up and maintenance including, allocation of classes, subjects and school specific activities related to STASY, Toddle and/or BBU.
• Leading the new student registration for academic subjects and offering.
• Allocation of students to classes and academic subjects at for enrolment for the following year.
• Allocation of option subject offering to students.
Annual STASY/ Toddle/BBU system roll over and re registration process.
• Leading the annual rollover from year to year, including all class, subject and assessment set up and structure support for your specific campus.
2. STASY / Management Systems – Academic Support and Communication (30%)
All staff, student and parent STASY and management system communication and support
• Communication to parents regarding school communication via email and sms.
• Communication to staff on system changes, updated manuals and any other form of comms from STASY, Toddle and/or BBU.
• Support students with changes in subjects and/or class allocations if required.
• Assist parent with all STASY, Toddle and/or BBU queries and access control if required.
• Newsletters on Sway for parents – design and distribution.
• Support and work closely with your campus CXO and AC to support and ensure the flow of communication to the entire learning community from both a marketing and academic perspective.
Student and parent changes and updating of documents and personal details on all management systems.
• Assist parents with updating personal details and accessing of reporting etc.
• Updating of student photos and documents related to STASY and record keeping.
Academic set up and ongoing record keeping of issues arising and systems changes needing to be navigated Student and parent changes and updating of documents and personal details on all management systems.
• Academic set up of classes, subject and option allocation.
• Liaise with ADvTECH IT, Toddle and/or BBU on system changes and complete change request forms.
• Keep copies of all and access all communication sent to parents when required.
3. STASY/ Management systems – Academic Assessment and Reporting (30%)
Specific subject enrolment and allocation of each individual student.
• Checking teacher and student subject allocation and access to input information.
• Registering, adding and removing students from Toddle, BBU and/or other management systems used by Crawford International
Set up of markbooks and assessment events
• STASY – setting up of Markbooks/Assessment Events
• Allocation of weighting according to management plans.
• STASY – Printing of Draft teacher comments.
• STASY – Printing of Draft reports for the SMT.
Input of assessment criteria, outcomes and indicators required per school
• STASY – Input of Marks/indicators/ Effort Indicators.
• STASY – Input of teacher comments and subject comments.
• STASY – Assist with inputting of marks for certain teachers and deputies.
Attending to all reporting tasks and queries related to the administration of reports
• STASY – Printing of Draft teacher reports
• Toddle/BBU – Set up, data input and reporting on all student management systems.
• STASY – Printing of subject ranking for Deputies.
• STASY – Printing of improvement ranking for Deputies.
• STASY – Printing of ranking reports for Awards and celebration assemblies.
Target driven reporting and data analysis as required
• Pulling Data from all management systems used to navigate teaching and learning.
• Look at stats of various data and report back on the trends occurring that are of value to Crawford International academics.
• STASY/other management systems – Check in and communicate with deputies regarding failures and subject related concerns.
• Gather data from all management systems, analyse it and then translate the results into non-technical language for the academic learning community to understand.
• Using diagnostic, descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics to feed back to the Academic department in order to bring increasing value to Crawford International, as a Brand.
4. Other School Administration Duties (20%)
• SA Sams
• PA duties to the Principal and Deputy Principals
• School newsletters and communication
• Functions management
• Academic awards and certificates
• Finance department liaison
• Leading the Crawford International Academic Administration team, as a Team Lead – including weekly/monthly meetings and liaison on any changes requiring action.
• Other adhoc administrative duties as determined by your line manager.
• Adapt in technology
• Verbal and written communication
• Organisation
• Time management
• Resourcefulness
• Detail orientated
Behavioral attributes
• Reliable
• Flexible
• Positive attitude
• Efficiency
• Demonstrates initiative

Minimum requirements

  • Grade 12 plus Office/IT diploma/qualification, IT competence level – intermediate
  • 1 year Administration and School specific/ parent liaison function


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ADvTECH is an equal opportunity employer. Only successful candidates will be notified. Preference will be given to EE candidates.

ADvTECH, in line with POPIA (Protection of Personal Information Act) will attempt to ensure the confidentiality of all applicants for this role. All reasonable measures will be in place to protect personal information but will be used in the recruitment, selection and reporting process. By submitting your application for this position, you are recognizing and accepting this disclaimer.

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