The New Employment Equity Act 4 Form

On 8 August 2019, the Department of Labour gazetted the new Employment Equity Act 4 Form (EEA4). The new form places a duty on employers to provide salary differentials between their highest and lowest earners.

The Department of Labour states that the purpose of EEA4 is to satisfy public demand for legislation that requires “equal work, equal pay”. Furthermore the EEA4, also known as the income differential, aims to record the entire remuneration data of an employer.

The ISASA Policy Unit has compiled a memorandum on the implications of EEA4 for independent schools. The memo, a frequently asked questions document and the original EEA4 form are available for download below:

Employment Equity EEA4 Memo
FAQs EEA4 Amendments
Employment Equity EEA4 Form