The Drakensberg Boys Choir: A Festive Celebration

The Drakensberg Boys Choir is excited to announce ending 2020 off on a high note, with the commencement of ‘A Festive Celebration’ (previously known as CIB – Christmas in the Berg).

The Festival runs from 2 – 6 December 2020, featuring the following:

  • The last Wednesday concert of the year (2 December,15:30)
  • Talent Showcase (3 December, 19:00)
  • In Concert (4 December, 15:00)
  • John Ellis in Concert (4 December, 19:00)
  • In Concert (5 December, 14:00)
  • ‘The Hills are alive with the sound of laughter’ featuring Aaron McIlroy and Lisa Bobbert (5 December, 19:00)
  • DBC The Final Farewell (6 December, 10:00)

Unfortunately, the last two shows featuring the Drakensberg Boys Choir on the Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning are already sold out. This festival also marks the end of an era for the Choir’s current Artistic Director, Bernard Kruger.

Get your tickets quickly, due to the 250-person capacity COVID-19 ruling. Tickets available via Webtickets / 036 468 1012.