TechWays e-Learning Tech Curriculum


Is your Grade 7 to 9 technology curriculum sufficiently preparing your learners for what the market needs?

TechWays has made it easy for you and your teachers to give your Grade 7 to 9s an e-learning technology curriculum that is aligned with the Department of Basic Education coding standards and covers:

  • Text-coding, web development, computational, communications and design-thinking skills that learners will need for the future job market. Our Beginners Pathway courses cover Programming in Python, HTML, MS Word, Excel data visualisation, game development, Mobile app design, Cyber security basics and AI.
  • Learners engage with gamified stories in all our courses.
  • Creating algorithms, websites, Excel budgets, games and mobile apps that they can showcase real projects to future employers.
  • Along with certificates that help their curriculum vitae stand out.

All our courses have a live help button with software engineers as our helpdesk agents, ensuring your learners get the support they need and do not get stuck.

We have over 5 000 learners on our platform, who have built over 100 websites and completed tens of thousands of tasks in coding, game development and software. See our slide introduction and our more detailed explainer video, or visit our website on

To learn more about how our courses work, and discuss the potential of rolling out our programme in your school, book a time slot with TechWays to discuss your school’s needs:

Beginners Pathway

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