Snapplify Free Resources for Schools

In response to school closures amid concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic, some schools are shifting to digital alternatives to provide learners and educators with the educational support that they need during this difficult time.

To help support schools, educators and students across the country, continent, and globe, we’re publicising our free offerings for schools. Using these, schools can bridge the gap and minimise disruptions to learning.

As an engaged supporter of the education sector, you’ll know that Snapplify’s e-learning solutions have been built to support continued education in a number of complex scenarios, including teaching and learning remotely. We hope we can count on you to spread the word and make sure as many schools as possible are aware of the free tools available to them through this unprecedented time.

To find out more, read our latest article and be sure to share with others to spread the word. You can also download more information below:

Snapplify Resources