Self-Care Snippets

During this incredibly trying time, the teachers in our country have shown up to continue to educate children in new, dynamic, and creative ways. It has been a time where the true colours of our profession have emerged and I believe that we can be incredibly proud of the efforts of our colleagues as well as the spirit of abundance and generosity in the sharing of curriculum materials amongst schools, as we pull together in this crisis.

However, this time has not come without challenge for those same teachers. As a Deputy Head at Kingsmead Junior School and an Educational Psychologist by profession, I have been working intentionally on maintaining the spirit of our staff during this time and keeping our connection and relationship strong, which I believe is the foundation upon which every successful school rests. In so doing, I have begun a small project of daily self-care snippets for staff, which I send out every morning, mainly to acknowledge the teachers and the personal aspects that accompany this time of difficulty and stretch.

I would like to make these available to you, should these be useful in your respective schools, to share with your staff and for us to continue to share our resources and work together to lift our teaching profession as we focus during rather unusual circumstances.

With much love and strength to each of you, in each of your spaces.

Dr Marisa Di Terlizzi

Self-Care Snippets