Sacred Heart College: Language and Logic Festival

Discover the Power of Language and Logic at Sacred Heart College.

Join us for an evening of intellectual discovery at Sacred Heart College’s upcoming Open Day on Friday 5 April 2024 from 17:30 to 20:00. With the theme “Language and Logic,” this event will showcase how we instill critical thinking, curiosity, literacy, and problem-solving across our curriculum.

As we celebrate 100 years of educating future leaders on Eckstein Street, Sacred Heart College remains committed to academic rigour, compassion, and shaping capable students prepared to thrive in a world full of opportunities. Come and see our innovative programmes in action.

Interact with teachers to learn how we teach core subjects like Maths, Science, languages, and Arts through an integrated approach that develops analytical skills. Tour our campus facilities from the Primary School, Media Centre, High School and our Science and Art labs. Sit in sample classes and activities.

Whether your child is just starting Primary School or preparing for High School, this Open Day provides the perfect opportunity to discover Sacred Heart College’s philosophy. Meet our passionate teachers and staff. Hear from current parents and students. Most importantly, gain insight into what makes our students stand out as creative, resilient leaders.

With over 2000 alumni achieving success across industries, Sacred Heart College has a legacy of excellence. Learn how we educate and empower individual students to reach their full potential. Let your child’s love of learning thrive in an environment that nurtures intellectual curiosity and emotional intelligence.

Reserve your spot now and unlock your child’s future!

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