Sacred Heart College: Early Learning Festival 2024



Discover the Joy of Learning at Sacred Heart College’s “Early Learning Festival.”

Join us for a day of fun and discovery at our Early Learning Festival on Saturday 16 March 2024! This interactive event will showcase Sacred Heart College‘s play-based Preschool and Foundation Phase programmes focused on nurturing children’s development.

Engage in activities facilitated by teachers to learn about school readiness skills like letters, counting, and socialisation needed for Grade 1 success. Gain tips from experts on helping your child thrive academically and emotionally.

Explore how play-based learning develops cognitive, motor, and social skills. See how we use games and hands-on activities to teach Maths, Science, reading, and more. Learn about our compassionate environment that builds resilience and addresses anxiety.

Discover how we foster language development through communication-based instruction tailored to each child’s needs. With screens dominating free time, strong literacy is now more important than ever.

Meet our passionate teachers and staff. Hear from current parents. Tour our child-friendly classrooms and our facilities. Sit in sample classes and performances.

Whether your child is starting Preschool or entering the Foundation Phase, this festival provides the perfect opportunity to experience Sacred Heart College’s joyful approach to early childhood education.

For over a century, we have focused on nurturing children’s natural curiosity and abilities. Let us help your child build a strong foundation for lifelong learning and success.

Seats are limited for the Early Learning Festival. Reserve your spot now!

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