ISASA member schools, as part of their conditions for membership, must undergo a quality assurance review every six years. ISASA contracts with the Independent Quality Assurance Agency (IQAA) to conduct this review.

In conjunction with ISASA, IQAA undertook a roadshow in May and June 2016 to solicit the perspectives of members on the current IQAA review process. The sessions were well-received and provided useful information for IQAA to use in reassessing its quality assurance instrument.

IQAA has compiled a Report of the review process, which is available to ISASA member schools. The Report serves as a working document, to facilitate the implementation of changes and improvements to the evaluation model. It will undoubtedly lead to further improvements in due course.

Download the Report on the IQAA Review Process:

Report on IQAA Review Process 2016
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