Pure Care Creates Comprehensive & Integrated Water Solutions for Schools

Pure Care prides itself in offering a fully integrated set of water management services across a broad spectrum of water related activities. These include regulation at national and local government levels and related compliance to the applicable regulations.

Pure Care builds a Water Treatment Plant for St Alban’s College

Pure Care partnered with St Alban’s College in 2023 when the College took the decision to utilise some of their underground water for potable consumption as a part of their water management journey to self-sustainability. The Water Treatment Plant processes approx. 85 000 litres per day to deliver potable water for drinking catering and sanitation consumption that meets SANS 241 standards.

The Water Treatment System

The system was designed based on water sample results from an accredited laboratory to process the required volumes from the boreholes. The filtration system comprises hydrogen peroxide, media filtration, micron filtration, water softener, chlorine & pH dosing, and UV sterilizer. The system is fully automated. Pure Care takes monthly samples for testing & services the plant. The Project included civil works, a prefab housing unit, electricals, and a 240 000L potable water storage tank.

Benefits and Return on Investment (ROI)

Pure Care presented an ROI to the college that involved using all the available treated borehole water to reduce the reliance on municipal usage. The municipal cost savings are calculated to achieve a ROI of the full capital outlay within 36 months. The project was completed with no interruptions to the College operations. There is an opportunity for the academic programme at St Alban’s College to benefit from the Water Treatment Plant system that allows the learners to understand the importance of water, its components and how it is treated for their consumption safely.

For further information please email Jennifer Marques or call 082 825 0695.

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